• Roteks protects labor health and job safety with highest equipment, precautions and training

    Work safety equipment and training with global standards

  • Roteks offers happy working environment

    Happy and harmonious team spirit

  • Roteks offers social equality in working life

    Equal humane environment and rights for all

  • Roteks offers social activities for low-stress working life

    Social activities for stress management

  • Roteks offers its empolees to participate in the decision process and vertical career opportunities

    Participative management and vertical career opportunities

Working at Roteks...

Working principles

Roteks applies working principles at global standards and expects its employees to comply with these rules.


  • Offers continuous social rights and security
  • Objects child employement
  • Objects any kind of discrimination
  • Objects abuse, oppression and harassment at work
  • Allows freedom of organization and unionization
  • Provides good health conditions
  • Applies fair payment terms
  • Works with environmentally sensitive team
  • Applies high business ethics
  • Offers quality social areas

Roteks also monitors and expects the whole supply and production chain to apply the same working rules.

Being fundamentally sensitive to environment, Roteks practices eco-friendly production techniques.

Safety and environment

Roteks provides its employees with safe working environment and expects them to obey rules thereof for their safety.

Some workplace safety precautions at Roteks are:

  • Emergency doors all opening outwards
  • Plain escape route schemes on every floor
  • Exits always open at working hours
  • Fire alarm system on every floor
  • Accessible fire extinguishers
  • First-aid boxes at every department
  • Schemes of disaster management
  • Periodical disaster tranings

Moreover, clean, brandnew and high quality work equipment at global safety standards are permanently ready for use, and continuous tranings thereof are provided.

A general overview and the opportunities

Practising precise rules and principles for many years, Roteks accomodates long-term employees loyal and committed to the company.

The increase in number of second generation employees at Roteks makes us happy in regard to stability of our long run family relations.

The trainings and vertical career opportunities that we provide our teammates with, make us stronger and succeed in regard to being a big family knowing each other well.