Performance tests

fabric tear test

Fabric tearing & tensile tests

We test the tear properties of fabrics of our products, in terms of domestic laundering and daily use, according to ISO EN 13937-2 and tensile resistance to ISO EN 13934-2 standards and methods.

fabric elongation and recovery test

Elongation and recovery tests

We apply elongation and recovery tests to be assured of all day long exact fit satisfaction without any deformation.

Elongation and recovery properties are tested according to ISO EN: 14704-1 method.

textile seam slippage test

Seam slippage test

We test the seam resistance of our products according to ISO EN: 13936-2 standard.

zipper stabilitiy test

Zipper stability test

Zipper stability used in our products are tested in accredited laboratories according to ASTM D-2061 method.

domestic laundering test

Domestic laundering tests

We test the color fastness and finishing resistance of our products about domestic laundry care according to ISO 6330:2012 method with specimens prepared according to ISO 3759 standard.

The appereance and dimentional stability of the materials and the overall product treated in domestic washing machines are tested according to ISO 5077 standard.

garment color fastness test

Color fastness tests

The colour change of our wet and dry products due to rubbing are tested according to ISO 105-X12 colour fastness to rubbing test method.

We make colour fastness to light tests applied in accredited laboratories according to ISO 105-B02:2013 method.

We test the color fastness to water and color migration according to ISO 105 – E01 method in order to determine the colour stability and probability of dyeing other garments of different fibers after washing.

fabric and garment pilling test, martindale

Pilling and abrasion tests

We make the pilling properties tested according to ISO 12945-2:2000 and abrasion performance with Martindale to ISO 12947-2 standards and methods in accredited laboratories.

denim button pull force test

Button pull force test

The pull force resistance of metal accessories like buttons, rivets, grippers, etc. are tested according to EN ISO 71-1 standards.