Product safety

Oeko-Tex tested and certified fabric, tested against harmful substances

Fabrics safety

We use only OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics of reputable suppliers for our brands.

fabric chemical safety

Chemical safety tests

Regarding to the chemical safety of the fabrics (formaldehyde, arylamine, phthalates, allergens colourants, etc.), we provide our clients’ brands with additional safety by making the fabrics tested in internationally accredited laboratories in accord with our quality system and clients’ safety standards.

denim wash chemical safety

Denim wash safety

We use OEKO-TEX® certified premium chemicals approved as sustainable, ethical and non-toxic in our washing facility.

denim metal accessory nickel release test

Accessory safety

Besides our own quality experts’ tests, the metal accessories used in our products are tested according to ISO EN 1811: 1999 method regarding to the nickel release in accredited laboratories.

garment metal contamination safety detector broken needle procedure

Metal detector procedure

For the full consumer safety of adults and children, we apply strict broken needle procedures during production and inpect final garments with approved metal detectors against metal contamination, e.g., needles, clamps, control scissors etc. before shipped.