Production quality management

fabric acceptance

Fabrics acceptance

Fabrics acceptance tests are applied by our own quality experts and procedures.

The fabrics acceptance procedures we practice in accord with Roteks and clients’s brands’ quality criteria aim to assure the sustainable visual quality of the final garments from the first step forward.

fabric shrinkage test

Shrinkage tests

We either test the fabrics dimension stability at our own laboratories or make the properties tested with AATCC approved washing equipments at accredited external laboratories according to ISO 6330 method upon request.

fabric blanket test

Blanket tests

Our trained experts inspect the shade uniformity of all the fabric batches for each specific product.

Our sensitive blanket control process assure the shade uniformity of the final garment in each package.

fabric wing test

Side-to-side shading tests

Our side-to-side color test procedures applied to the specimens representing the full width of fabric batches assure the shade uniformity of each final garment.

fabric wing test

Spirality test

The visual stability of the legs are assured by applying fabric spirality test.

fabric 4 points inspection system

4-point test

We evaluate the quality of fabrics in 100 square yards with 4-point system.

fabric cutting quality inspection

Cutting quality process

Pre-cutting, elastic fibre recovery, correct layout and cutting and changing of improper parts - triages are continuously tested onsite according to Roteks Quality Book and AQL 2.5 standards by our own quality experts.

denim apparel sewing quality control

Sewing quality process

Our quality team inspect every sewing process and test the size and visual properties of products in-line on a daily basis according to Roteks Quality Book and clients’ requests.

denim wash quality control

Washing quality process

The daily hands-on tests for the washing quality properties of our products including color, touch and appearance are applied by our quality and marketing teams.

apparel final quality inspection

Finishing quality

Roteks quality team continuously inspect that the colour variations, buttons and rivets, size and visual properties of the washed products conform with datasheets and are perfect for daily use.

Roteks team and independent quality control experts randomly test the final garments according to AQL standards to assure that the perfect products are shipped.