Roteks has been doing what we know best in line with the principles of high service quality, keeping our word, transparency, high standards, rapid adaptation to changing conditions, and social compliance for over 35 years.
With the value it gives to humans and nature, Roteks starts each day by targeting the best in design and production processes.


ROTEKS was founded with the partnership of three families in Izmir in 1986. With all its employees, the “Roteks Family” operates in the fields of design, product development, production organization, and sales & marketing today.


C.O.J. Denim is a jeans brand created by Roteks in 2015. C.O.J. Denim, which believes in the plainness and simplicity of beauty, highlights the designs that respect the spirit of denim. We aim to make our products fit every moment of the day and make those who wear C.O.J. Denim feel both stylish and comfortable.

@roteksailesi, which is actively followed by all our employees and plays a key role in the power of our internal communication, is our internal Instagram account while @rotekstekstil is our official corporate account. As Roteks Tekstil, we also follow current developments on the Linkedin platform and strengthen our communication with our industry.