RING (Roteks Goodwill Volunteers) formed on the basis of volunteering for people working in different departments in Roteks held its first meeting on 26.08.2019 and had begun working promptly. RING carries out social responsibility and environmental sustainability studies with 4 different Project Development Teams.


RING’s secondary goals are to increase the number of people with knowledge of sustainability through projects and to raise the level of social awareness and contribute to the personal development of employees and self-actualization goals.


Projects that are in the pipeline and completed are as follows;

  • Sewing Training for Women in Need (Women Endeavour : Knitting up for Life Project) – co-partners with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • Audiobook Project – Co-partners with Boğaziçi University
  • Blood Donation Project – Co-partners with with the Turkish Red Crescent
  • Planting Seedlings Project (Roteks Textile Family Memorabilia Forest) – Co-partners with with Ege Forest Foundation
  • Career Development and Training Program Project (Roteks Academy)
  • Zero Waste Management Project
  • Eco Friendly Technologies Workshop and Trainings Organization Project in Denim Wash
  • Environmental Sustainability Trainings Organization Project for Washing Enterprises